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Food and Weight Diary

Monday July 12, 2010. Weight 136.6 (I was up a few pounds after a vacation). This was my first loading day and I ate so much and was so uncomfortable.  
            7 AM HHCG
            7:30 Breakfast: 4 pats of butter, 3 fried eggs with Munster cheese, custard filled doughnut, slice of chocolate cheesecake, a pint of Hagen Daaz dark chocolate mint ice cream (I didn’t know I needed to avoid mint!)
            11:30 HHCG
            noon Lunch at a restaurant: small zucchini muffin with butter, patty melt (beef and cheese), French fries, and then ordered a brownie sundae (which my two friends and I could not finish!).

            5 PM snack: sublime ice cream sandwich (from Trader Joe’s—two chocolate chip cookies with vanilla ice cream rolled in chocolate chips….440 calories, 20 g. fat!), chocolate dipped cream puff, 3 Lindor truffles, Pringles

            7:30 HHCG           
            Dinner: McDonalds: double quarter pounder with cheese, ½ serving of large fries, 2/3 large chocolate shake

After that meal I felt quite sick, my stomach hurt. I had trouble sleeping, woke up thirsty and had to drink a lot of water several times during the night (I am not used to all the sodium that I bet was in the McDonalds meal)

Tuesday, July 13. Weight 141.6 I had gained 5 pounds! I did not look forward to another gorge day!
            8 AM HHCG
            8:30 Breakfast: 2 sublime ice cream sandwiches, 4 Lindor Truffles (210 calories, 19 g. fat)

            10 AM snack: I cheated and needed something healthy—raw beet and broccoli slices, then was able to down rest of McDonald’s shake

            12:30 HHCG
            1 PM Lunch: 1 pint chocolate peanut butter ice cream (I chose this kind not because it is my favorite, but solely on the calories and fat grams…the entire pint was 3.5 servings and each serving was 350 calories and 23 g fat!)

            5 PM HHCG
            5:45 Dinner at a restaurant: ½ Reuben sandwich with fries, root beer float

            9 PM Snack: the last sublime sandwich, 4 mini lemon squares, 1 piece cheesecake, finished the can of Pringles, and one petit ecolar cookie.

Can you imagine, being able to eat anything you want and beginning to hate food! Again I had trouble sleeping. I awoke during the night with stomach pains and looked forward to beginning the very low calorie diet!

Wednesday, July 14. Weight 143.4, I had gained almost 2 more pounds! I was so ready to stop eating!

            7 AM HHCG
            8 AM Smooth Move Tea (I felt so sick and wanted to rid my body with all this excess food as soon as possible!)
            12:15 HHCG
              1:15 Lunch: small apple, 3 ½ oz. cooked chicken breast (Trader Joe’s in my area sells cooked chicken breasts seasoned only with salt, pepper and garlic, and packaged 4 to a bag. Each breast is about 3 ½ ounces and now I usually weigh out 3 ounces and give the rest to my dogs), 2 cups lettuce

            7:15 HHCG
            7:45 Dinner: 100 g. Dover sole, 2 cups celery (that was a lot of celery!), ½ grapefruit.

During the day I had lots of water and tea. In the following food logs, the amounts are all 100 g. raw of protein, 2 c. veggies, handful of strawberries, and lots of water and unsweetened tea all day.

Thursday, July 15. Weight 140.2, I had dropped half the 7 pounds that I put on!
I took a 30-minute walk in the early morning.

            7 AM HHCG
            12:45 PM HHCG
            Lunch: Crab, cucumber (I like the crunchy Persian cukes I get at Trader Joe’s), strawberries

            6:15 PM HHCG
            6:45 Dinner: first I had water with a spoonful of apple cider vinegar, which I now do before almost every meal (and won’t write it) . Bison burger, raw spinach, ½ grapefruit.

            10 PM Smooth Move Tea (I was still feeling so bloated and gross from the loading days)

Friday, July 16. Weight 136.4 (YIPPEE….now I was coming down from my starting weight)
            8:30 AM HHCG
                     green tea

            11:45 HHCG
            12:15 Lunch: Chicken, raw red cabbage (I could only eat 1 cup), apple

            Afternoon: green tea and yerba matte tea and water with lemon

            5:30 HHCG
            6 PM langostinos (a type of shrimp, I buy it frozen at Trader Joe’s and measure out 3 oz. once it is defrosted), lettuce, strawberries

Tuesday nights I have band practice (check out batucaxe.org) where I move and dance for at least 90 minutes!

Saturday, July 17. Weight 134.6 YIPPEE, down almost 2 pounds!
            8 AM             HHCG
            11:30             HHCG
            noon Lunch: ground bison, ½ t. mustard, 1 cup celery, small apple

            6:30             HHCG
            7 PM            crab, raw cabbage, strawberries
Sunday, July 18. Weight 133.8 ….another 0.8 pound loss!
            7 AM HHCG

            30 minute walk

            11:30 HHCG
            Noon: Lunch: chicken, lettuce, apple
            6 PM: HHCG
            6:30 Dinner: cod, cucumber

            10 PM ½ grapefruit, Smooth Move Tea

Monday, July 19.  Weight 132.6, down 4 pounds!!
            7:30 HHCG
            10 minutes Rebounder (mini trampoline, great for the lymph system)
            11:45 HHCG
            10 minutes Rebounder
            12:15 Lunch: crab, raw Chinese cabbage, strawberries

             4:30 hot water and lemon and cayenne (lots of good things about cayenne, including a boost to metabolism)

            5:15 HHCG
            10 minutes Rebounder
            5:45 Dinner: Buffalo Top Round Roast (I didn’t buy enough, it was only 75 grams!), celery, ½ grapefruit

            8:30 more hot water with lemon and cayenne

Tuesday, July 20. Weight 132.4 (only down another 0.2…..sigh)
            7:30 HHCG
            8 AM water with lemon and cayenne, 2 cups

            noon HHCG
            12:30 Lunch: chicken, raw spinach, small apple

            2 PM green tea with lemon and cayenne

            5 PM HHCG
            5:30 Dinner: sea bass, raw fennel
90 minutes of dancing and moving at Batucaxe practice

            9 PM  ½ grapefruit

Wednesday, July 21.  Weight 132. Small loss of 0.4.

            7:30 HHCG
            all morning—hot water with lemon and cayenne, green tea

            1:30 HHCG not hungry, skipped lunch

            3:30 feeing dizzy. Ruby Red Chai Tea.
In addition to all the good, plain water, I added a cube of home-made prickly pear to my water (in Tucson, the prickly pear cacti are plentiful. I pick the red, ripe fruits, and throw them into my Vita Mix, prickers, skin and all. Then I strain it and freeze the juice in ice cube trays. The prickly pear is filled with amino acids, boosts immunity, is very low calorie, helps lower blood sugar, and helps to suppress the appetite.)

6:30 HHCG
Dinner: Although I had thought of fasting, I was still dizzy and decided to eat dinner -- crab, cucumber, strawberries.

Thursday, July 22.  Weight 130.8. YES….down 1.2 pounds!

            7 AM HHCG
            20 minute walk
            8 AM still feeling dizzy. I added B12 and Vitamin D and made up a pitcher of water with lemon and prickly pear which I consumed in the morning and made another one in the afternoon.

            Noon HHCG
            12:45 Lunch: dover sole, raw Chinese cabbage. I added 500 mg. Vitamin C

            6 PM HHCG
            7:30 Dinner: 2 oz crab (it tasted “off” so I threw away the rest), cuke, ½ grapefruit

            8 PM Smooth Move Tea followed by Detox bath (ginger and sea salts, very hot water; then I wrapped myself in a towel and went to bed that way)

Friday, July 23. Weight 130.2….I was surprised I was only down 0.6, oh well!
            7:45 HHCG
            8:15 Vitamin D, B12.             Lemon, prickly pear water followed by yerba matte tea

            noon: HHCG
            12:30 Lunch: Dover sole, raw fennel, strawberries

            5:30 HHCG
            6 PM Dinner: shrimp, raw red cabbage

            10 PM small apple

Saturday, July 24. Weight 129.4 yes….down another 0.8!!

            7:30             HHCG
            8             Vitamin D, B12

            12:45 HHCG
             1:15 Lunch: langostinos, cuke, strawberries, Vitamin C

            lots of water and tea…..late dinner

7:45 HHCG
8 PM Dinner: chicken, lettuce

10 PM apple

Sunday, July 25. Weight 128.6. YIPPEE….down 8 pounds from starting weight, after 11 days on very low calorie plan!

            7:45 HHCG
            8 AM            Vitamin D, B12

            noon HHCG
            Lunch: Dover sole, raw fennel, strawberries, yerba matte tea

            6:30 HHCG
            Dinner: canned tuna (no salt), spinach, Vitamin C

Monday, July 26.  Weight 127.8...that's another 0.8 pounds. YIPPEE!

8:30 HHCG
         9 AM         Vitamin D, B12
         12:30 HHCG
         Lunch: Buffalo Sirloin Tip, celery, small apple, Vitamin C
         6  HHCG
         Dinner Langostinos, Chinese cabbage
         9 PM ½ grapefruit

Tuesday, July 27. Weight 127.8. STALL DAY!
         7:30 HHCG
         8 AM B12, Vitamin D
         1:15 HHCG
         Lunch: shrimp, cucumber, small apple
         5:15 HHCG
         Dinner: Dover sole (I planned to eat cabbage but forgot!)
2 hours dancing and moving at Batucaxe
10 PM Smooth Move tea

Wednesday, July 28.  Weight 127.2. YIPPEE…I am now down 9.4 pounds!
7:30 HHCG; 7:45 D, B12
prickly pear collection
12:30 HHCG
Lunch: Swai Fish, lettuce, strawberries, Vit. C
6:30 Dnner: Langostinos, Chinese cabbage, apple

Thursday, July 29.  Weight 126.6. DOWN TEN POUNDS!
8 HHCG, 9 D, B12
12:30 HHCG
Lunch: Dover sole, cucumber, strawberries, Vit. C
7:45 HCG
8:30 Crab, fennel, small apple

Friday, July 30. Weight 126.6 (no loss—crab was very salty)
7:30 HHCG,  8 D, B12
12:45 HHCG
Lunch: Mahi Mahi, cabbage, apple, Vit. C
5:15 HHCG
Dinner: Cod, asparagus

Saturday, July 31. Weight 126.
8 HHCG, 8:30 D, B12
12:15 HHCG
Lunch: Chicken salad (Chicken, apple, celery, lemon juice, cinnamon)—it was yummy!
Dinner: Langostinos, srawberries
Batucaxe dance, 7-11

Sunday, August 1. Weight 125.8
8:30 HHCG, 9 D, B12
Lunch: Mahi Mahi, apple
5:30 cucumber
7:30 HHCG
Dinner (not hungry): apple cider vinegar and water with lemon and prickly pear; 4 stalks celery
Monday, August 2. Weight 125.4
8:30 HHCG
12:30 HHCG
Lunch (not hungry): Water with prickly pear and lemon juice (64 oz.)
5:30 HHCG
Dinner: not hungry, had more water

Tuesday, August 3. Weight 125
8:30 HUNGRY! Chicken, romaine
noon: iced tea
2:15 HHCG
2:45 3 rice crackers, apple
5:45 HHCG
Dinner: Crab, cucumber
Batucaxe=2 hours of dancing and moving

Wednesday, August 4.  Weight 124.2
8:30 HHCG
11:30 HHCG
Lunch:  3 rice crackers, crap, cabbage, small apple, Vit. D, B12
Dinner: Dover sole, asparagus

Thursday, August 5. Weight 123.8
7 HHCG, 7:30 D, B12
9:30 Chicken and romaine
noon: iced tea
2:30 3 rice crackers, apple
Dinner: Crab, cabbage

Friday, August 6. Weight 123.4
6 HCG, 6:15 B12, D
7:45 Crab, cucumber, 3 rice cracker
12:30 HHCG
1:30 apple
3:45 fennel
6:30 HHCG
Dinner: Langostinos, 3 rice crackers, 3 strawberries

Saturday, August 7. Weight 123.6
8 HHCG, 8:15 B 12, D
8:30 green tea with cinnamon and cayenne
10: chicken lettuce
12:15 HHCG
1: apple, 3 rice crackers
Dinner: Shrimp, asparagus

Sunday, August 8.  Weight 123.6
7:30 HHCG,  7:45 D, B12
noon HHCG
Lunch: Lobster tail (2 oz. cooked weight), steamed cabbage.
3: 30 3 oz. haddock, apple, 3 rice crackers
6:30 1 oz. chicken, asparagus

Monday, August 9. Weight 123
7:30 HHCG,  8 B12, D
noon HHCG
Lunch: chicken, cucumber, 3 rice crackers
4 PM apple
7:45 HHCG
8:15 langastinos, celery, 3 crackers, ½ grapefruit
Smooth Move tea

Tuesday, August 10. Weight 122.6
7:30 HHCG, 7:45 D, B12
10: Crab, 3 crackers, ½ grapefruit
1:30 HHCG
2 Persian cucumbers
3:45 apple, 3 rice crackers
5:30 HHCG
6 Flounder, lettuce
Batucaxe 2 hours dancing and moving

Wednesday, August 11. Weight 122.4 NO MORE DROPS, STAY ON 500 CALORIES FOR 3 MORE DAYS
8:30 small tomato and 2 cherry tomatoes from garden
10:30 apple
12:30 crab, celery, 3 rice crackers
3 fennel
7 Dover sole, strawberries

Thursday, August 12. Weight 122
8 Fresh fig from garden!
1 Dover sole, cucumber, apple, 3 rice crackers
7 chicken, asparagus, ½ grapefruit

Friday, August 13. Eight 121.6
11:30 crab, cucumber
72 hours after last dose I had “regular” food:
7 PM roasted chiles, 2 eggs, 1 slice muenster cheese, ½ grapefruit
11 PM 3 rice crackers

Saturday, August 14. Weight 122.4 Phase 3 begins.
(the food diary is now being kept on fatsecret.com)